I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. And those are the most terrifying words I’ve ever put down on a page. When you say you want something, out loud and for the first time, there is a rawness and vulnerability to it. This long running love affair with words and language has been quiet and partial and maybe even one-sided. Though these feelings are deep, on the surface I’ve struggled to make them more than platonic. The truth is I’m often terrified to admit I want something. What is it about our culture that makes us want to stay neutral and uncommitted to the things we love? Why is it cool to be passé? This blog is my first overture to the art of writing. I don’t know what being a writer looks like, but like running, I know I need to start by writing.

I want to document our life now in South Africa, but more than that I want to develop relationship with writing, maybe one day even an identity. When I started running 25 years ago, I wanted to become a runner, but I had no idea how. I simply knew that the answer was out there on the roads and trails of my hometown. If I did it long enough, people might think I knew what I was doing and by extension apply the label runner. I’m going to approach writing the same way.

So thank you for reading. I am writing for you. But I’m also writing for the audience of me. I appreciate and welcome your comments and your insights. I’m also happy to answer questions about the process and life of ex-pat families and our experiences here in Pretoria. Welcome and thank you.